About Us

At Squishies USA, we love the kawaii universe! After several trips through Japan we discovered the squishies and we fell in love with them. We brought some back to New York on our return and it must be said that these little toys quickly found followers around us!

We then embarked on the adventure and we have opened this internet squishies store since the end of summer 2020. Our ambition is to be the largest importer of squishies in the USA, and it’s almost done. ! We are delighted to offer you more squishies every week and we hope to one day open our first store in New York City.

Since we want squishies to be accessible to as many of us as possible, we try to keep the prices low as well as running sales every week. We have several suppliers (in Europe and Asia) and we make sure that the quality of the products is always there. We are committed to always offering our customers the best products at the best prices.

You can count on our small team of three people to advise you by e-mail and offer you articles through our blog to tell you everything about our famous squishies. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the form.

See you soon !

The Squishies USA team

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