Characters Squishies

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You can now have fun and relax with your favorite cartoon character in squishy.

Have you always dreamed of being able to touch and have fun with your favorite hero? Now you can with our collection of character squishies.

There are different shapes and colors. Some have a more or less soft foam that takes several seconds to regain its shape. Do not hesitate to consult the product sheets to find out more about our squishies.

Ninja Fox Squishy


Mermaid Squishy


Ninja Panda Squishy

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Snowman Squishy


Donald Trump Squishy


Head Squishy

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Jumbo Monster Squishy


Vampire Squishy


Skeleton Squishy


Kawaii Princess Squishy


Princess Squishy


Santa Claus Squishy


Monster Squishy


Zombie Squishy


Voodoo Doll Squishy


Pumpkin Bear Squishy