Squishy Unicorn

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Complete your collection of anti-stress toys with the unicorn squishy and create your little magical and kawaii universe.

If you too are a fan of unicorns then you owe it to yourself to have your unicorn squishy! Here you can find your magical squishy present in different forms: the unicorn horse, the unicorn cake, the unicorn donut and more…

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Galaxy Unicorn Squishy


Unicorn Horse Squishy


Unicorn Mochi Squishy

On Sale

Jumbo Unicorn Squishy

On Sale

Jumbo Galaxy Unicorn Squishy

On Sale

Jumbo Horse Unicorn Squishy

On Sale

DIY Squishy – Wonder Unicorn Kit


Unicorn Cat Squishy


Kawaii Unicorn Squishy

On Sale

Squishy Pack – Enchanted Unicorn


Unicorn Donut Squishy

On Sale

Squishy Pack – Fairy Unicorn

On Sale

Jumbo Baby Unicorn Squishy


Unicorn Cake Squishy


Galaxy Flying Unicorn Squishy


Flying Unicorn Squishy