Kawaii Squishies

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Want to relax and let go of your stress with a very cute squishy? Find your happiness in our large collection of kawaii squishies

The kawaii squishies are soft and compressible polyurethane foam toys, similar to the classic “stress ball”. They can be squeezed repeatedly and return to their original shape afterwards.

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Galaxy Cat Squishy

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Rabbit Squishy


Unicorn Horse Squishy


Galaxy Unicorn Squishy


Keychain Ice Cream Squishy


Galaxy Deer Squishy


Cat Hamburger Squishy


Galaxy Pink Poop Squishy

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Galaxy Rabbit Squishy


Dog Popcorn Squishy


Chick Squishy


White Dog Squishy


Rainbow Squishy


Flappy Penguin Squishy


Baby Bear Squishy


Waffle Squishy