Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Our FAQ is a quick and easy way to find an answer to your question. Below you can find the most frequently asked questions concerning delivery, return of orders, available payment methods and more…

Delivery takes an average of 10 working days. This can be explained by the fact that our warehouses are located near our suppliers and therefore outside USA. The goal is simply to cut out the middlemen in order to offer you the lower prices. In return, we offer you the shipping.

If you find that there is something missing in your package, don’t worry, it will arrive in another package shortly. Indeed, our stock is in different warehouses and if an item is not in stock in one, we send it from another warehouse, that is why there will be 2 packages.

If by mistake you have received the wrong item, contact us as soon as possible via our form. Don’t forget to attach a photo of the product you received.

Yes, the items that can be ordered are in stock. It may happen that we have an error in the stock but it is very rare.

Sorry to hear… But all is not lost! Contact us to see if we can find you the squishy of your dreams!

Yes, our squishies are solid and are made to be squeezed with your fingers. On the other hand, they are not made to be twisted or stretched.

You must have noticed that the site uses the HTTPS protocol which encrypts the data between your computer and our site. In addition, we use the TLS-128 bits encryption protocol for the payment system. Our site is therefore completely secure, with the same protocols as the most famous online shop.

Except in exceptional cases, we only accept one discount code per order.

No, at the moment we cannot handle phone calls. We are a team of three and we have a lot of work to bring you the best stress relief products! Assistance is therefore done by e-mail, but if many of you ask us for telephone support, we will set one up.

No, we only sell through the internet in order to save costs and therefore to sell our products at very competitive prices. However, once we are well established on the web, we will plan to open a store in New York first.

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