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The cutest and most satisfying toys in the world.

SquishiesΒ are small objects that arrive from Japan and are made of foam or soft rubber. Soft and fluffy , they have the same effect as a stress relief ball. So you can squeeze them to relax, unwind or just have fun.

They have the particularity of having a good smell which generally corresponds to the chosen squishy for example, the banana squishy which smells of bananas. A squishy often represents an object, an animal or food. You are bound to find one to your liking!

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Mini Donut Squishy


Galaxy Cat Squishy


Koala Mochi Squishy


Unicorn Horse Squishy

On Sale

Rabbit Squishy

$12.00 $10.70

Galaxy Pink Poop Squishy


Caterpillar Mochi Squishy


Fox Squishy


Galaxy Unicorn Squishy


Dinosaur Squishy


Grey Cat Mochi Squishy

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Jumbo Pig Squishy

$36.80 $30.50
On Sale

Jumbo Panda Squishy

$38.00 $32.00
On Sale

Multicolor Sloth Animal Squishy

$12.90 $10.30
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Mochi Squishy Pack


Ice Cream Squishy Pen