Squishy Galaxy

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The most beautiful squishies are here with our large collection of galaxy squishies

If you love blue, purple and stars then you’ll be in love with galaxy colors squishies. It is only thanks to these pretty colors that we call or not a galaxy squishy. It is more particularly a gradient of blue and purple, often accompanied by small white dots that recall the stars of the galaxy.

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Galaxy Cat Squishy


Galaxy Unicorn Squishy


Galaxy Deer Squishy


Galaxy Pink Poop Squishy

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Galaxy Rabbit Squishy

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Squishy Pack – Galaxy

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Jumbo Galaxy Unicorn Squishy


Galaxy Panda Head Squishy

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Galaxy Panda Egg Squishy


Galaxy Blue Poop Squishy


Galaxy Dog Squishy

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Octopus Squishy


Galaxy Peach Squishy


Galaxy Llama Squishy


Galaxy Sheep Squishy

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Jumbo Galaxy Tooth Squishy