Food Squishies

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Food Squishies are the most delicious squishies ever!

Who wouldn’t dream of feasting on a giant orange or a juicy slice of watermelon? These squishies represent everyday foods , whether it’s the banana squishy, the pineapple squishy or the avocado squishy, there is something for everyone !

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Cat Hamburger Squishy

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Jumbo Biscuit Squishy


Dog Popcorn Squishy


Deer Cake Squishy


Keychain Ice Cream Squishy

On Sale

Rainbow Cake Squishy


Avocado Squishy

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Jumbo Strawberry Squishy


Waffle Squishy


French Fries Squishy


Pizza Squishy


Sushi Squishy

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Jumbo Hamburger Squishy

On Sale

Jumbo Ice Cream Squishy


Pineapple Donut Squishy


Chamallow Sandwich Squishy