Squishy Cat

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Adopt a new companion and have fun with your cat squishy

At Squishies USA, we offer a wide variety of cat squishies. You can find different colors, different sizes, different scents … But they will all be as cute as each other and will all have the same de-stressing and relaxing power . Our squishies are made only with quality polyurethane foam. They are all very soft and just as fascinating to watch them subside after a few seconds.

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Galaxy Cat Squishy


Cat Paw Mochi Squishy


Grey Cat Mochi Squishy


White Cat Mochi Squishy


Cat Hamburger Squishy


Kitty Squishy

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Cute Cat Squishy


Kawaii Cat Squishy


Big Eyes Cat Squishy


Unicorn Cat Squishy


Rainbow Cat Squishy

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Cat Ice Cream Squishy


Sleeping Cat Squishy

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Japanese Cat Squishy

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Jumbo Hamburger Cat Squishy


Ninja Cat Squishy