Squishy, The new stress relief toy SUPER KAWAII

Cute and useful; these are the first words we could use to describe squishies. These anti-stress objects come directly from the kawaii universe and therefore from Japan. Recently popularized by social networks, squishies have conquered the hearts of children and teenagers, but also older ones. Why this craze for the squishy? What is so special about it?

What is squishy?

The squishy is a small toy in foam or silicone that can take the shape of an animal, food or an object. You can knead it as much as you like, it always returns to its initial shape, that’s its main interest. In fact, it plays the same role as a stress ball, but it is much cuter. Many people have made it their outlet, and it continues to be very successful.

Squishies come in many forms: cat, unicorn, panda, donut, ice cream, cake, fruit, etc. There is something for everyone, and everyone can find their ideal squishy. Another special feature of this toy is that it can have the scent of the shape it is in. This means that if you have a squishy in the shape of a strawberry for example, when you knead it, you will smell a nice sweet strawberry scent.

The benefits of squishies

A squishy is very useful in that it helps to reduce the stress one feels. Of course, it is not a miracle accessory, but it allows its user to relax and unwind, just like balls and other anti-stress objects. Before a class assignment, a date or an important meeting, the squishy is the ideal companion to release the tensions one feels.

Also, these gadgets can be used as decorative items. Because of their overly cute appearance and the multiplicity of models available, squishies easily find a place in desks, shelves, etc.

It is also not uncommon to find squishies as keychains, hanging on bags, on cell phones, etc. They are therefore real all-purpose accessories with a variety of uses.

Why do teens like them so much?

If we see today many adults adopting and using squishies, it must be said that children and teenagers remain the first fans. Why?

Simply because squishies are adorable. Their original design reminiscent of manga and Japanese art makes them the first choice of young people. Having a squishy is too trendy, because everybody has at least one and nobody wants to be left behind.

Also, children and teenagers, like adults, undergo stressful situations that can sometimes be difficult to manage. By kneading their little foam figurine, they can get rid of certain fears and apprehensions. Like a cuddly toy, the squishy plays a role without making its user look like a baby.

This explains why they are found in all playgrounds and others. So don’t be surprised if your little girl or boy, or even your teenager, keeps asking you for a squishy. For some, it has become a real collector’s item.

Maintenance and precautions for use

Squishies are everywhere: on bags or briefcases, on cell phones, hanging on a diary or worn as a piece of jewelry. You can imagine that they must get dirty very quickly. To avoid a proliferation of microbes, it is therefore necessary to ensure that they are well maintained.

Maintenance of squishies

In principle, squishies are not washable. This can permanently deform them and make them lose all their interest. The best thing to do with this type of squishies is to clean them regularly with a cloth. Some silicone squishies can be washed with soap and water or shampoo. However, you should avoid machine washing and prefer to air dry. In all cases, it is best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Precautions for use

Keep in mind that squishies cannot be used by toddlers. They can shred them and ingest bits of foam or silicone. This could cause choking or other problems. For this reason, squishies are not recommended for children under 6 years old.

When buying a squishy, you should also take care to read its guide to see its composition. Since they are classified as children’s toys, squishies must meet strict standards. Some studies have revealed the presence of toxic substances in some models of squishies. It is therefore better to be cautious when buying them, as the safety of your children is at stake.

Where to find squishies?

If you see squishies everywhere, it’s fair to ask where you can buy them. There are two options: in stores or online.

Physical stores

The advantage of buying your squishy in a physical store is that you will be able to touch and test a multitude of squishies in order to find the one that gives you the most relaxing sensations. Unfortunately, in these stores, stocks are often limited and you can only find a few models that are a bit too common.

Online Shops

In online stores, you can find hundreds of models of squishies. Whatever your tastes and preferences, you will easily find your gadget. On the net, squishies are classified by category: gourmet, sweet, salty, fantasy, animal, nature, etc. You will be spoilt for choice. Moreover, buying a squishy online allows you to enjoy many advantages: fast and sometimes free delivery, various promotional offers, etc.

More than a fashion effect, squishies have become part of the daily life of many. To adopt one, you now know what to do! If you are not tempted by the many models available on the market, you can always make your own. Bought or homemade, your squishy will always be there to help you stay zen!

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